A trip to St. Petersburg

Dear friends! A few hours later to start my little trip to another city. As I said, I will travel to St. Petersburg. I have to get there by train, I love it :з 
In St. Petersburg, I’ll 5 days. I think that will love this city. I there has never been, but watched movies with this city and saw his photograph. Generally, I think Petersburg very beautiful and unusual city.
How to get home, write to me this city and update my blog.
Bye! :з


Time flies very quickly. Part of the summer has passed. I wake up and soon the day is ending. Most of the summer I spend with school books and music. On Sunday I returned from the village. Love this place, there are very nice. In August, I will go there again.
Soon I expect the trip to St. Petersburg. Really looking forward to it


Do you believe that there is a real eternal love?


It is very bad when you have no friends. Terrible when you want someone to talk to, laugh, ask for advice, assistance, but such a person is not there.
I know this. Several years ago, I had a lot of friends, but there was one best friend. We had a lot of time together, I was happy that I have it. Now we learn in different places, rarely communicate. She made ​​friends more important than I am. It’s a shame and hurt.
Take care and appreciate friends.